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Do not brake car tire

Do not brake car tire

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Is the use of qualified tire, tire have also occurred, if bad luck hit the poor child, or plan to save money to use fetal disease, the probability will increase exponentially. Encountered tire, calm is the life of the trick, not calm state of mind.

High speed, if the car after the tire burst is still good control, but the car will basically be up and down vibration. Then, control the direction, think of a way to slow the vehicle parked in a safe zone can be.

The front tyre explosion is the main cause of malignant accident, not only the car will vibrate, tilted, and suddenly the steering wheel will be a great force to pull the side of the tire. At this time, need to fully control the steering wheel, a little carelessness will cause the vehicle to do a 360 degree turn in the road.

Need to remind that the brakes on the car as a "as also Xiao Xiao loser" role, the owners generally encountered unexpected events, the first thought is the brake, which is applicable in the general case.

But if the front tire puncture, the brakes may cause the car crash. Because the tire leakage after gas, with a combination of steel become loose, tire contact part of the pavement will deform with the wheel out, the brakes on the other side of the wheel tire due to resistance, speed fast, easy to check, completely detachment caused by wheel and tire. But on the other side of the wheel is not easy to check the corresponding, may have to continue to move forward, it is like running a sudden forced down on one knee, resulting in vehicle rollover occurred.

Therefore, the front tire burst, deceleration with traction engine only, manual cars can block four, a more direct hang into the next block from the five block, and then gradually down until hang into a block. Open automatic owners often forget the shift lever, then also can hang into the low speed when the car speed reducer gear. Enough to handle, and then tap the brakes the vehicle stopped completely.

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