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Auto tire industry: how to be reborn in the context of excess production capacity?

Auto tire industry: how to be reborn in the context of excess production capacity?

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According to the monitoring data, the current global tire industry for many years is still in steady growth, in 2015 the global tire production reached 1 billion 987 million, with China economic slowdown, various industries in the manufacturing sector slowed down their industrial production growth rate, but in 2015 the tire production is still 4.3% growth to continue growth. A further surge in tire industry led to the current inventory of international China tire requirements increase, the emergence of a variety of "double reverse" case, on the one hand to stimulate the Chinese tire industry transformation; on the other hand, to remind the domestic production surplus inventory without consumption issues, severe overcapacity.

China's Government in the active struggle at the same time, also aware of the removal of excess capacity, has become China's production industry is an urgent problem. In 13th Five-Year the plan also proposed to production, to the inventory policy. Promulgated the "green tire technical specification", "green tire environmental protection raw material guide" and "green tire labeling system research" and a series of green tire industry standards and technical specifications. And the establishment of green tire industry in 2014 to promote the work committee and the green tire technical support center, technical standards and related content of green tire labeling system and tire classification method to develop, promote the industrialization of green tire.

At present, the green tire get the common concern of many industry, green tire has good elasticity, low rolling resistance, low fuel consumption, low heat, wear resistance, puncture resistance, bearing capacity, ride comfort etc.. Compared with the traditional tire, it highlights the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, new technology, new materials and other aspects. The green tire become a product of the times, the old tire before the production of green tire instead of the green tire popularity will be imperative, right before the tire out and update, some high cost, excessive consumption of tire manufacturing will be restructuring and mergers. From a certain level to avoid the excess capacity, but also to enhance the characteristics of the tire. Through the popularity of green tires, the current market, most consumers have a certain awareness of green tires, and green tires in the market share tends to be from the low-end to high-end, ubiquitous. Let the market find a slim chance of survival in the original tire of despair.

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