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LIKEN Technology teach you to avoid danger, remember that there are precursors to tire failure

LIKEN Technology teach you to avoid danger, remember that there are precursors to tire failure

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Car opened, the tire will be worn out, which does not mean that we have the problem of driving, but the normal traffic is bound to happen. But the tire failure is very dangerous, it may make your car out of control, you may also throw in a front of the village does not shop after the ghost place. So to know the use of tires, according to the usual precursor to determine whether the replacement of the tire.

Tread wear indicator

The tread pattern wear indicator line is a flat rubber strip, and the tread is vertically embedded in the tread and gully. When the tire is very new or very low level of wear, tire tread wear indicator line is almost not be detected, but when the wear to a certain extent, these hidden instructions on the show. If almost all of the instructions on the tire are clearly visible, it means you need to change the tire as soon as possible.

Tread depth of tread

Tread thickness of at least more than 1.6mm, if often in the low friction of the wet slippery road, it is best to ensure that the pattern depth is two times the value of the above. The easiest way is to use a 1 yuan coin, along the direction of insertion of the tread and the top coat of arms, because the coin edge to the top of the distance of between 1 to 2 mm, so if you can still see the whole national emblem logo, description of tread thickness has been insufficient.

Bumps and blisters on the tyres

In some cases, the outer surface of the tire will not be strong enough to result in higher than normal tire surface bumps and bubbles. This is like the aneurysm in the tire is also facing a similar situation, if you didn't take the vehicle repair factory test tire failure, insufficient strength of tread area is likely to trigger a sudden burst, can imagine the consequences if at high speed it.

Too much vibration and shake

A certain amount of jitter is unavoidable in the process of vehicle, especially in the condition of poor road condition. When you already have a certain driving experience, you can feel yourself to determine how the jitter in a reasonable range, and how the jitter of the vehicle there is a fault. Many of the vehicles cause jitter, but some jitter may indicate that there are some problems inside the tire tire; even if not vehicle jitter causes, performance jitter can also damage the tire, soon caused by tire problems. So if the jitter is more powerful, or to find a professional to check it.

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