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Steering system determines driving

Steering system determines driving

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Judge a car is good to open, in addition to the "accelerator" and "brake" with the outside, the steering system accounted for half of the score. The so-called car handling, mainly to see whether the steering wheel is to achieve the level of the person car. From the steering wheel to the front wheels, the steering process needs a system of translation and transmission.

To understand the shift, the first to understand a basic knowledge, that is, to help. The reaction speed, accuracy and strength of the steering system are directly related to the steering system. It is not difficult to understand, because of the huge friction between the two front wheels tires and the ground, the arm of a man to overcome the force of finish turning, will be very tired, affect the driving experience, but also not conducive to the emergency disposal and other security situation.

Therefore, it is necessary to help the existence of power. Generally speaking, the energy source of the steering booster is the engine belt. According to the specific implementation of different forms, the steering power is divided into hydraulic power and electric power. Subdivision, hydraulic power is divided into mechanical hydraulic power and electric hydraulic power; and the electric power is said to pull the pull rod pull and power sources, are performed by the motor, there is no application of hydraulic principle.

Electric hydraulic power is an upgraded version of the mechanical hydraulic power, which makes the strength greater, the steering wheel lighter, and can adjust the strength of the power. But compared to electric power, electric hydraulic power is still dependent on the hydraulic principle to achieve energy transfer. Electric power is to give up the hydraulic principle, directly from the motor to be responsible for steering pull and provide power.

Compared to the former, the electric power steering is more accurate, no hydraulic power, such as error; at the same time, as the whole steering system to achieve the electronic and digital, steering dynamics is more accurate adjustment. In winter and summer, the flexibility of the steering system and the reaction speed, accuracy, will not be affected by the physical characteristics of hydraulic oil.

This is power. The steering rod mechanism from the steering wheel to the front wheel, and a steering shaft. This part is responsible for the direction and intensity of the transmission to the pull rod and booster. Each car brand in the control of the difference, mainly in the steering wheel for the shift of the "translation".

Talking about control, we have a high evaluation of BMW. In fact, in my test drive cars, the steering system of BMW is the most "car is" feeling. In other words, BMW has always been to tune is "thief", is sensitive to the rotation of the steering wheel, open a small amount of. In addition to the electric power assisted steering wheel control of the front wheel is very accurate and rapid.

In addition, due to flooding, BMW models before and after weight ratio is generally in the 50:50. This makes the car body with a good follow. That's why people are talking about BMW's control. To tell the truth, if only from the "accelerator" and "brake" two angles to say, I personally think that Volvo is better than BMW.

In the short term, it seems that there is no big improvement points. So the car prices turned their attention to the steering shaft. The most prominent change is that Drive by wire steering by wire. The Infiniti Q50 is the first application of this technology in the production of car models.

SBW canceled the steering wheel and the front wheel steering mechanism between the mechanical connection is replaced by a digital steering system. Below we take DAS Q50 steering system as an example, to understand the principle of off line control steering.

As can be seen from the figure, Q50 still retains the traditional mechanical steering assembly, but in the middle part of a clutch (silver cylinder). This part is, when the steering failure, mechanical steering can be connected, to ensure that the steering system is still available.

The three silver box on the left is the ECU (electronic control unit) of the three group processing turn signal, each of which can "translate" the steering wheel of the ECU. Connected to the lower end of the ECU, is the three group to perform the task of the motor. Among them, the two groups were responsible for the shift, and the third groups were responsible for the simulation of the road sense.

In the driving experience, DAS Q50 system is very accurate pointing, for the simulation of the road is also very in place. If it is not a special statement, open up with an ordinary mechanical steering models do not have much difference. However, when you open the adaptive life and lane keeping system, in the road with a certain curve of the road, the front wheel small angle is cheap, but the steering wheel is still not moving.

Steer by wire in electric power steering is a major upgrade based on the technology, its significance is equivalent from analog signal to digital signal technology iteration. The advent of the DAS, it also means that the application of military technology in the fighter, the official transplant to the civilian car.

Not only is the steering by wire technology can also be applied to other transmission device on a vehicle, drive axle and four-wheel drive such as after. The use of sensors to detect the front axle torque distribution, and decided by the on-board computer back bridge distribution much proportion of motor torque, and then by the ECU after the completion of the bridge is responsible for notifying the torque distribution. In this way, the middle of the back seat will not have high raised.

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