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LIKEN Technology: what is the active steering system

LIKEN Technology: what is the active steering system

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The active steering system is in the steering wheel system. This system consists of a fist sized planetary gear, and two input shafts. One of the input shaft is connected to the steering wheel, and the other is controlled by an electric motor through a helical gear. When the vehicle speed is low, the control motor and the steering column are in the same direction, so as to increase the steering angle; and when the high speed travel, the control motor rotates in the opposite direction, thereby reducing the steering angle.

System can ensure that the vehicle at any speed can provide an ideal steering control, and at the same time taking into account the greatest driving pleasure, flexibility and security, which is the first time in the history of the car.

The control module of the active steering system is connected with the electronic parts of the engine, the dynamic stability control system (DSC) and the two yaw rate sensors. According to the information provided by these systems, it provides the most real-time and the most ideal steering angle with the average speed of 100 times per second. By measuring the steering angle, the system can master the driver's intention. The dynamic stability control system can calculate the vehicle speed according to the number of turns of the wheel, and the yaw rate sensor can monitor the stability of the vehicle's vertical axis at any time. Whether traveling in the ideal line or a tendency to deviate from the route, active steering system can always miss.

When the special emergency situations, such as the Dodge, all cars will naturally turn over phenomenon. The active steering system can be detected at the beginning, and the steering angle is adjusted accordingly in milliseconds. That is to say, the system can automatically reverse the occupants in the steering system to balance the body imperceptibly, thereby improving the safety of driving. And if the active steering system itself is not enough to allow the vehicle to maintain a stable way forward, the dynamic stability control system will be involved in a timely manner, to reduce the engine horsepower or to impose a brake on individual wheels.

In the pure SBW system, steering control by electronic signal, and no mechanical structure connected directly between the steering wheel and the wheel. Equipped with an active steering system, even if the system failure, can still be turned into action, but its steering angle can not be increased or reduced. "All the information in the two computers in different ways to analyze, only two of the results of the same directive was accepted, if the results appear contradictory, the system will automatically shut down. "

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