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Sharing of science and research: what is the most important car gearbox

Sharing of science and research: what is the most important car gearbox

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Buy a car, is a number of choice sets of questions and a number of choice. The more you do the better, the final score of the car will be higher. Ordinary people would choose the brand, color value, type, space, but the real people who understand the car, will ask: what is the use of the car gearbox?

The transmission is important? Of course, in addition to the difference between automatic and manual transmission, it also directly affects the quality of automobile fuel consumption, shift time, power output, there is no sense of frustration...... But the operation manual fuel-efficient AMT gearbox trouble, affordable but poor experience, AT is convenient but high fuel consumption, CVT CVT experience on tall but poor stability...... A road down, only DCT dual clutch transmission, to meet the simple operation, handling and saving several advantages!

As the name suggests, dual clutch transmission, with two automatic control clutch, clutch two group synchronous rotation of the work, so the shift in the process of power transmission interruption time is very little, in the upcoming Changan CS15 automatic equipped with DCT wet dual clutch, the minimum shift time reached 0.4 seconds, almost imperceptible, thus ensuring the continuous power transmission and coherence. At the same time, the power loss is small, naturally more fuel-efficient.

Prior to this, the largest market resistance of dual clutch transmission is derived from the stability. Dual clutch transmission is the earliest most China owners know, belongs to the dry dual clutch. The transmission of a fatal flaw is the poor heat, the temperature is too high will burn the clutch friction plate.

That is it MEIZHE? Of course not, "dry" and "wet"!

For example, Changan automobile research and development center in Britain led the launch of the first wet DCT gearbox, the friction plate is immersed in the oil in the gearbox, gearbox oil can play a role in cooling and lubrication, so it can withstand greater load. A good way to avoid the domestic urban roads are too crowded and cause the transmission shift, the clutch overheating problem.

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