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Casting process and die plan for arm body forging

Casting process and die plan for arm body forging

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With the growth of China's automobile industry and added to the WTO, domestic and international market of automobile forging quality and capital cost of increasingly stringent requirements, such as draft, size, weight tolerances, machining allowance and other requirements are very high, and the price is not too ambitious, but a great quantity. In order to fit the demand of the market, this paper analyzed the process and repeated practice, found a more ambitious process, the production of similar products are of great significance.

Product introduction and process plan is indeed

1 introduction of products

Arm is used for heavy truck brake pump on a part of the layout as shown in figure 1. There are several difficulties in casting: (1) draft, only 3 degrees, 5 degrees, and the ejector demoulding device for 62 holes in only one place; (2) small machining allowance, for 62 and two of the 23.2mm square groove machining with boring and broaching; (3 10-) phi 6.2*5 the 10 nails with difficulty and position accuracy requirement is high, and the nail root fillet of R0.2, fast abrasion of the die parts, production transfer process easy to bump caused by deformation.

2 process plan is indeed

Suitable to mass production, progress effect, we identified the following process: (IF furnace heating) / (CWR) billet (25000k / N hot die forging press) bending / pre forging forging (3150kN / / double point press) punching / trimming / testing / fine / normalized blast pressure. In the process, the heating system is to take a two piece, the part of the long and thin, the liberation of the single piece billet effect is low. Take the cross wedge rolling (as shown in Figure 2), while in the mill cut into two pieces. Because of the change of cross-section parts from the 55 to the larger, less rolling for 23, two times since the wedge to be completed, which is rolling mold processing and repair difficult.

Fine pressing process in order to ensure the pressure head and the handle size, more important is the correction of 10 screw position, root fillet, and bent shank. Therefore, take two pieces of activities with criterion 5 hole plate, ensure the fillet position and the nail root, improve life of die.

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